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Introducing Confido Legal's "Fast Transfers"

Posted by Dan Lear on March 22, 2023

Confido Legal is thrilled to announce the launch of Confido Legal "Fast Transfers." Efficient payment processing is essential for modern law firms to maintain financial stability and to continue providing exceptional services to their clients. That's why we've designed Fast Transfers to streamline your payment process and get your money quicker.

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The Legal Ethics of Trust-less Retainers

Posted by Dan Lear on May 12, 2022

One of our most popular blog posts is a post about how lawyers can realize the benefits of a retainer without a trust account.  By storing a client payment method and subsequently charging the payment method in accordance with the attorney/client engagement agreement, firms can get the benefits of having access to funds on hand without the burden of trust account compliance.

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Why law firms should consider integrated ACH

Posted by Dan Lear on January 28, 2021

In a weird way, eCheck or ACH payments are an anachronism. Or the name "eCheck" is, at least.

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