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Episode 30: What can a law professor and his student teach you about law practice? Tyson Mutrux and Jim Hacking - Lawyer Community Miniseries - Episode #4

What started as conversations between two friends - actually a law professor and his student - evolved into a movement. Maximum Lawyer boasts a 5000 member Facebook group, over 200 hours of podcast content, two sold-out conferences, a paid community, and a course to help lawyers and firms grow. Oh, and did I mention that the prof and his former student both have successful law firms in their own right? Jim Hacking, the law professor, and Tyson Mutrux, the former student, are the leaders of Maximum Lawyer. Listen on to hear how they're helping lawyers to build strong, resilient practices.

A few years ago, Hacking and Mutrux saw what many lawyer community builders see: leading a solo or small law firm can be a lonely experience. Not only is lawyering a job that requires you to spend a lot of time in your head but leadership can be isolating too. Jim and Tyson found that they enjoyed riffing on the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the joys and challenges of running a small law firm.

They soon found that others did too. They organically grew the Maximum Lawyer podcast until it expanded into the robust community it is today - all the while growing their own successful practices - Jim as an immigration lawyer and Tyson doing personal injury. 

As the final installment of our series on lawyer communities, (see a summary discussion of these groups here) we start this Financially Legal episode with me butchering Tyson’s last name and roll into a conversation that covers the birth and growth of Maximum Lawyer, why Jim and Tyson take pride in the fact that they’re lawyers and lawyer community leaders, the future of in-person conferences, Infusionsoft (now Keap) as a practice management system, the different types of reasons small law firm lawyers start their practices, their new paid offerings - The Guild and Maximum Law, Minimum Time - the dynamic between Tyson and Jim, and a bunch more.

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