Episode 28: Has this community of lawyers solved what's wrong with social media? An interview with Keith Lee and Jeremy Richter from LawyerSmack - Lawyer Community Miniseries - Episode #2

If you’ve been even mildly paying attention over the last, well, year but even the last few years, you’ve watched as social media has become a challenging environment to navigate. And this comes from someone who is very bullish on technology in general and even social media in specific.


What’s to be done? The founder of the lawyer community LawyerSmack, Keith Lee, saw the social media meltdown coming a few years ago and decided to do something about it.

What started out as a free extension of his popular Associates Mind blog, LawyerSmack has become a large and very active paid online lawyer community. As part of our continuing series on lawyer communities (check out our summary of this series and some additional takeaways here) on Financially Legal I talked with LawyerSmack founder Keith Lee and LawyerSmack community member Jeremy Richter about what LawyerSmack is, the value that lawyers see out of it, and how it seems to have captured much of what’s good about social media and, frankly, very little of what’s bad.


“SMACK” by Freya Spargo is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


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