Greg Garman - Financially Legal

Episode 13: Is there an ideal size for a law firm? And what, if anything, does that have to do with the online legal gig economy? An interview with Greg Garman from LAWCLERK

Greg Garman is a busy man. One of the founders of a 20 person law firm in Las Vegas, Greg is also the co-founder and CEO of LAWCLERK, an online marketplace for freelance legal help. In this episode, Greg shared some great insights on how and why he thinks right around 20 lawyers is the sweet spot for a small law firm.

He also makes a convincing case for how and why the freelance or gig economy is the path forward for both those lawyers sourcing the work and those looking to do it. Tune in to hear Greg share valuable wisdom on where the legal sector is today, where it’s headed, and the finance and economic principles to help you navigate.

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