Jacqueline Horani - Financially Legal

Episode 11: Can you build a sustainable values-based law firm and offer services to clients at an affordable rate? An interview with Jacqueline Horani from Legally Unconventional

Jacqueline Horani is a lawyer engaged in integrative consulting and plain language law in New York City. Inspired by the integrative law movement, Jacqueline is building a practice around conscious contracting, which focuses on identifying and integrating the parties’ values directly into the contracting process.

She also has built a complex and comprehensive process to financially qualify her clients and then align the amount she charges to that qualification.

Finally, Jacqueline is engaged in a project with the New York City Bar Association to bring litigation financing to impact litigation. For those of you who tuned into our episode with Geri Green and Cynthia Chandler on the economics of civil rights litigation, Jacqueline has some interesting ideas about how to fund some of this important but economically precarious civil rights impact litigation.

Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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