From DIY to a Complete Legal Case Management Solution

We had an exciting discussion with Casita Simpson, the founder and CEO of Simpson Associates. Casita brings more than ten years of experience as a paralegal, working with both large corporations and small law firms, specializing in CRM design, paralegal support, and legal document drafting. We discussed when and how to upgrade from a cobbled together set of non-legal software to a complete legal case management solution. Casita has been instrumental in assisting numerous firms in this transition. In this session, she discusses the challenges, opportunities, and success stories involved in making this transition. View the session here or read on for the summary.




Upgrade Paths

Casita shares her experience helping firms transition from basic setups, such as email and Dropbox, to more robust solutions. Cost is often a barrier to upgrade, but the need for efficiency often drives firms to seek more comprehensive systems.


Considering the Growth Factor: Upgrading with Future Expansion in Mind

The discussion touches on the importance of considering future growth when selecting case management systems. Emery and Casita emphasize the value of investing in systems that may initially seem more extensive than current needs require but align perfectly with future goals. 


Implementation Challenges and the Role of External Support

Switching gears, Emery and Casita discuss the implementation process. Casita notes that even firms with tech-savvy internal teams may opt for external support due to bandwidth constraints. The importance of conducting tests to ensure the new system functions seamlessly is emphasized. Casita offers her support and suggests reaching out to platform-specific resources for assistance.


Client Communication and AI Integration

Casita stresses the importance of client communication, which is usually one of the first things that falls through the cracks as the firm grows. If client communication is starting to deteriorate, that is a key indicator that it's time to consider a software upgrade. Emery addresses a viewer's question about AI integrations, and Casita mentions Lawmatics as a platform actively advancing in the use of AI. They also discuss Fidu's innovative approach to proactive client relationships and AI-assisted responses.


Closing Thoughts: A Call to Upgrade and Seek Support

As the session concludes, Casita encourages firms to upgrade their case management systems, particularly if client communication is becoming challenging. External support and the wealth of resources offered by various platforms are highlighted, making the transition smoother.



The journey from DIY setups to comprehensive solutions involves careful consideration of cost, growth potential, and the need for efficient communication. As technology evolves, the integration of AI and proactive client relationships is becoming a key focus. Whether you're a solo practitioner or part of a growing firm, the message is clear: upgrading your case management system is not just a choice; it's a strategic investment in the future success of your practice.

If you're considering an upgrade and need expert guidance, visit Casita's website at or check out her YouTube channel, CAS Loves Tech

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