Confido Legal and QuickBooks Team Up to Streamline Payment Processing for Law Firms

We are excited to announce that Confido Legal has teamed up with QuickBooks, the leading small business accounting platform, by formally joining the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program. In combination with Confido Legal’s QuickBooks integration - the only legal-specific payments integration in the QuickBooks store - Confido Legal and QuickBooks are truly better together.


What is the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program?


The QuickBooks Solution Provider Program authorizes participants to resell QuickBooks to their clients and helps them learn, use, and customize their QuickBooks products to meet their unique business needs. Intuit QuickBooks, the world's leading small business technology platform delivers a consolidated source for financial management, human capital management enabled through add-on services like QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Time, and business transformation.

To that end, our integration with QuickBooks - which has been listed in the QuickBooks App Store for some time now -  allows law firms to accept both trust/IOLTA and operating payments by credit/debit card or bank transfer through one QuickBooks account. The integration leverages Confido Legal’s trust-account-compliant technology so that payments can be recorded in QuickBooks by client, for easy trust account reconciliation.


The Confido Legal/QuickBooks Integration


With our QuickBooks integration, law firms can automatically add payment links to QuickBooks invoices and deposit payments made on those links into the firm's trust or operating account. All payments are recorded on the invoice in QuickBooks. This means that firms can accept payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer (ACH) and optionally charge the credit card fee to the client in states where permitted. This integration also allows firms to accept trust deposits through Confido and have these payments recorded in the trust liability account in QuickBooks. Additionally, firms can accept payments into their operating account and ensure those payments are recorded in the proper QuickBooks deposit account.


The Future


The Confido Legal QuickBooks integration was directly aligned with Confido Legal’s mission to help lawyers and law firms reduce cost, eliminate administrative work, increase collections, improve the client experience, and reduce risk. Now, as formal members of the QuickBooks Solution Providers program, we’ll accelerate the work that we started with our QuickBooks Online integration. To learn more, visit the Confido Legal/QuickBooks integration page. You can also book a demo or schedule a consultation with us here


Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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