Matter365 and Confido Legal Integration

Law Practice in Six Words - Announcing our Integration with Matter365

I’ve been working in legal technology for a while. I’ve been thinking about it for even longer than that. And I worked at Microsoft before that. And, if there’s one thing that I know about lawyers - even today - it’s that Lawyers. Love. Microsoft Office. Practice management systems come and go, accounting software ebbs and flows, some lawyers try document automation. But just about every lawyer and law firm uses Office.

That’s why I was really intrigued when I first heard about Matter365. Matter365 is the only legal practice management solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 - the Microsoft cloud-based productivity offering that includes the Office Suite, Windows 10, and a bunch of other useful software.

Law practice in six words

My impression of the Matter365 team has only improved since we met and started working together on a potential partnership. We’ve worked particularly closely with Matter365 VP of Customer Success, Rohit Parekh who, as we collaborated, uttered one of the simplest and best descriptions of law practice that I’ve ever heard. “Law practice can be distilled to six words.” He said. “Get clients. Do work. Get paid.”

“We’ve got the first two with Matter365” he said. “Now, with Confido Legal, we have the third.”

I was sold.

Matter365 + Confido Legal

Today we’re pleased to announce the Matter365 Confido Legal integration. The integration takes the tools that firms already have and use, like Microsoft 365 and Quickbooks Online, adds a cloud-based layer of legal practice management, and rounds it out with the modern legal-focused payments platform, Confido Legal, to provide lawyers with a comprehensive law practice toolkit. Onboard clients? Check. Manage your practice and track time and billing? Yup. Send, track, and get invoices paid? You bet.

With Matter365 + Confido Legal lawyers can:

  • Send trust deposit requests directly through Matter365.
  • Automatically apply payments on trust deposit requests to the client's trust account balance in Matter365 or Quickbooks.
  • Allow clients to pay invoices built into Matter365 via secure payment links.
  • Automatically apply payments to invoices in Matter365 or Quickbooks.
  • Accept payments by credit/debit card or by bank transfer (ACH).
  • Optionally charge credit card fees to clients at the time of payment.
  • And a bunch more  

Beyond that the combined Matter365/Confido Legal offering gives lawyers complete pricing transparency (no setup, termination, or recurring monthly fees).

At Confido Legal, our mission is to break down financial barriers for entrepreneurial lawyers and law firms. The first, most obvious, way that we can do this is by meeting lawyers where they are - in compelling valuable practice management systems like the Microsoft-driven Matter365 - helping them get paid faster and easier, and then getting out of the way. We think this is the promise of the Matter365/Confido Legal integration: technology for lawyers to get clients, do work, and get paid. Six short but very sweet words.

Are you ready to simplify and streamline your law practice? Do you want to learn more about the Matter365 and Confido Legal integration? If so, give us a shout or grab time right here.


Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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