Announcing the Confido Legal Litify Integration

For law firms looking to automate firm-specific processes, customize workflows and provide a highly tailored client experience, Litify is the platform. Built on Salesforce, Litify combines the flexibility of the cloud’s most powerful CRM with a dynamic, legal-specific toolbox to transform your firm into an efficient, collaborative growth machine. 

This is why we are excited to announce a new integration with Litify to help law firms automate the process of accepting and posting online payments directly in Litify. “Litify is a platform for law firms serious about efficiency and growth,” said Confido’s Dan Lear. “The integration is a major step forward, allowing firms to bulk send bills with secure links clients use to pay. All of those payments drop right back into Liftify automatically.” 

“The integration between Confido Legal and Litify will directly improve profitability for law firms by allowing them to collect more and get paid faster. We're excited to add Confido Legal to our partner ecosystem and empower law firms with the flexibility to build a seamless, integrated solution for their firm that provides them with a single place to do their work,” said Dov Slansky, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation at Litify.


Beyond Card Payments

“While law firms can use the integration to accept credit and debit card payments, we’ve created a powerful bank transfer system designed to replace the practice of accepting outdated and risky wire transfers,” said Lear. Confido’s bank transfer platform is built directly into the Litify integration, allowing firms to accept high-dollar payments without exposing the firm’s sensitive banking information. Those payments are deposited into the firm’s bank account within one business day and often in several hours. The biggest benefit comes when those payments are automatically posted back to the client’s invoice or trust balance in Litify. 


Flexibility to Improve Collection Rates

Law firms operating on an hourly billing model tend to pile up accounts receivable, much of which never gets collected. We’ve seen that adding flexible payment options right on the invoice makes a significant impact on reducing this accounts receivable bottleneck, giving the firm a boost in highly profitable revenue. 

The Confido Legal Litify integration not only allows firms to accept credit cards or online bank transfers. It also enables firms to set up payment plans for their clients. These plans run automatically and pay down the client’s balance in Litify as they go. “We’ve seen that giving clients choice at the time of payment makes a huge difference in the financial performance of certain firms,” said Lear. 



Litify, Confido Legal and Salesforce have all recently undergone successful SOC-II audits. Confido’s card payments system undergoes an annual PCI audit. We bring this security and compliance to bear in support of the integration to help law firms better understand the standards to which we are held.  

“Litify is a best-in-class solution for serious law firms,” said Dan Lear. “We are thrilled to extend its reach to further automate the payments acceptance and collections processes for these firms.”

For more details and a video overview of the integration, see this page

Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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