Episode 54: Legal Case Management Series – An Interview With Jared Correia, CEO of Red Cave Consulting

In this special series focused on legal case management software, host Emery Wager explores various case management companies to help firms make informed decisions. In this episode, we welcomed Jared Correia to the first-ever live recording of Financially Legal. Jared, the CEO of Red Cave Consulting and the Cofounder of Gideon Software, shared his experience from helping thousands of law firms choose and successfully implement the right technology. 

Jared and Emery covered strategies for selecting the right software, whether to use all-in-one systems vs. pulling together best-in-class systems, the future of AI in legal case management software, and the dangers associated with breakfast burritos and falling asleep at your desk. Read on for the episode highlights or watch the full episode here:

Breakfast Burritos and Legal Tech

Early in Jared's career as a lawyer, he worked with an imposing man, a 75-year-old retired Navy SEAL who stood a towering six feet eight inches. Oddly enough the man harbored a steadfast reluctance to tend to the mundane chore of lawn maintenance, much to his wife's chagrin. To avoid the task, he would leave home early every day, finding solace in the early morning quiet of his office.

One ordinary day took an extraordinary turn when he partook in a substantial breakfast burrito before promptly falling asleep at his desk. Unbeknownst to him, a minor inconvenience—a clogged toilet (result of the burrito)—unleashed a cascade of events that culminated in chaos and destruction.

As the office became engulfed in flames, triggered by the overflow from the malfunctioning toilet, panic gripped the occupants. Firefighters rushed to the scene, but it was too late for the building. Amidst the chaos, a sobering realization emerged: the irreplaceable records of the firm lay in ruins, a testament to the vulnerability of their analog infrastructure.

Jared told this story to highlight the need for digital transformation in legal, a trend he sees as well underway thanks to the Covid pandemic and the evolving demographics of managing partners. 


Jared’s Journey to Found Red Cave Consulting

Jared's professional journey began in the legal field, where he initially pursued a career as a practicing lawyer. However, he quickly realized that law practice was not his calling. Despite this setback, Jared's experience in collegiate debate showcased his aptitude for analytical thinking and problem-solving.

Undiscouraged by his initial dissatisfaction with law practice, Jared sought guidance from career services during his time in law school. He expressed interest in business consulting for lawyers, only to be advised to pursue a more traditional legal career path. Jared complied and practiced law for five years, gaining valuable experience but yearning for something more fulfilling.

Eventually, Jared dipped his toe in the proverbial waters of technology consulting for law firms and never looked back. While helping law firms select and implement technology, he identified a gap in the software market: client intake. While there were many solutions designed to help firms manage the client relationship after they became clients, there weren't good options focused on streamlining the intake process. Enter Gideon Software, which Jared cofounded, and where he now acts as COO. His roles at Red Cave and Gideon give Jared the unique perspective of being on both sides of the legal technology buying journey. Below are some of his insights.    


Common Tech Issues Firms Face

A common issue Jared identified is the tendency of law firms to take on too much at once when implementing new technology. Many firms become overwhelmed by the countless options available in the legal tech market, leading to decision paralysis. To address this challenge, Jared advised adopting a systematic approach similar to buying a house. He recommended creating a wishlist of desired software functionalities and pain points that need addressing. This wishlist should serve as a guide for evaluating potential software solutions and streamlining the selection process.

Jared emphasized the significance of prioritizing four key software pillars: case management, accounting, CRM, and productivity tools. Law firms can build a cohesive technology platform that supports their day-to-day operations and strategic objectives by focusing on these essential components. He also shared the importance of building workflows and processes before selecting a software system to prevent the software from dictating the firm's processes. 


The Future of AI in Legal Case Management Software

Because it's 2024, Jared at Emery had to dive into AI. Jared covered his predictions for the near-term use and benefits of generative AI inside legal case management software. He also tossed out some predictions for a future beyond generative AI, in which computers function more as paralegals and lawyers with minimal need for human intervention.


All-in-One Platforms vs. Best-in-Class

Jared and Emery also covered the raging battle between having an all-in-one case management platform and implementing a collection of best-in-class solutions. While some firms prefer to minimize the number of applications and do everything in a single system, others seek the freedom to select the best tools for each aspect of their operations. 

Jared's insight reflects a broader trend in the business world where individuals want the autonomy to pick solutions that align with their preferences and customized workflows. While the all-in-one system sounds great in theory, Jared has found that these systems rarely accommodate the diverse needs of different firms.


Next Steps

Through Red Cave Consulting, Jared helps many firms select and implement the right technology through one-time and ongoing consulting arrangements. For more information about Red Cave Consulting, you can directly email Jared at jared@redcavelegal.com.

The Financially Legal podcast's exploration of legal case management systems aims to provide valuable insights for law firms seeking to optimize their operations. For more information and resources on choosing the right case management system for your firm, visit our legal case management center

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