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Episode 50: Legal Case Management Series - An Interview with Brett Spooner of Clever Case

In this special series focused on legal case management software, host Dan Lear explores various case management companies to help firms make informed decisions. In this episode, we dive into the world of legal case management software with Clever Case, a tool designed by attorneys for attorneys. Host Dan Lear speaks with Brett Spooner, the CEO and founder of Gravis Law and the founder of Clever Case, to explore the features, target audience, and philosophy behind this innovative case management solution.


Clever Case Overview

Clever Case was born out of the need to simplify the complex world of legal case management. Starting or growing a law practice can be daunting, and Clever Case aims to streamline essential tasks like client matter setup, time tracking and invoicing. They believe that case management software should serve as the hub for all legal activities, integrating seamlessly with other tools while avoiding feature bloat.


Meet Brett Spooner, Founder of Clever Case

Brett Spooner comes from a technology background. He earned his law degree and founded Gravis Law in 2013. Gravis Law has since grown to a team of more than one hundred lawyers and staff. Operating at the intersection of technology and the business of law, Brett knows firsthand what tech is needed to grow a firm, and more importantly, what features don't belong in case management software. He's passionate about simplicity, and this passion is evident in Clever Case.  


Choosing Clever Case

Clever Case's target market is small to medium-sized law firms specializing in family law or estate planning, typically consisting of one to ten attorneys. These firms may be using multiple tools for case management and timekeeping. Clever Case offers a simplified solution tailored to their specific needs.

Clever Case boasts a range of essential features, including case management and matter tracking, document management, time tracking, billing, calendar and schedule management, CRM functionalities and robust reporting capabilities. Their integrations with Office 365, QuickBooks and Xero further enhance the utility.

While they're keeping an eye on AI developments, Clever Case prioritizes data privacy and security. They envision leveraging AI to provide users with meaningful insights without compromising sensitive information.

In the rapidly evolving legal landscape, the right case management software can make all the difference. Clever Case's commitment to simplicity, affordability (it's offered for free), and user-centric design positions them as a valuable partner for small law firms.

To learn more about Clever Case and explore their offerings, visit their website at



The Financially Legal podcast's exploration of legal case management software aims to provide valuable insights for law firms seeking to optimize their operations. For more information and resources on choosing the right case management system for your firm, visit our legal case management center

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