Confido Legal Release Notes - May 2024

This release contains Transaction Webooks, suppressing different kinds of automated receipts and pre-filling Standing Links.


Transaction Webhooks

The Transaction object now includes a new field: status_v2. This field specifies the stage of a transaction throughout its lifecycle, from created to deposited and everything in between. The newly available webhook statuses are:
  • transaction.funds_in_transit
  • transaction.deposited
  • transaction.voided
  • transaction.refunded
  • transaction.partially_refunded



Receipt Suppression

For partners who prefer to send their own receipts and notices, you now have the option to suppress the default receipts for additional actions. You can choose to suppress the following default Confido Legal notifications:

  • Payment receipts
  • Refund receipts
  • Void receipts
  • Notifications of payments, voids and refunds to firm users

Pre-filling Payment Details

You can pre-fill standing links with the desired amount and client notes.  Simply include the amount in cents or clientNotes search parameter in the link URL to automatically populate the standing link.


Added Sandbox Test Cards

We added a new sandbox debit card for expanded testing and error handling.  For a full list of our test cards and bank accounts, please visit Test Payment Methods.


Breaking Changes

  • none

Don't have API access yet?



Partner Resource Center

Are you seeking past Sales Insights or information about the payments industry? You can now find this and much more in the Partner Resource Center, specifically tailored for legal tech teams.
Do you encounter common questions from your prospects? Submit your questions or challenges, and we will incorporate this content into the Partner Resource Center.

Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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