Confido Legal Release Notes - March 2024

This release includes a new status field on the Firm object and new webhooks. There is one breaking change.


New Firm Status Field

We have introduced a new field on the Firm object called firm.status. This field provides your team with visibility into the current state of each firm as they progress through our application and onboarding process. These are the possible statuses:




Webhook Updates

New webhook for firm updates

As a compliment to the firm.status field mentioned above, we added a firm.updated webhook that will be sent to your configured endpoint each time the status changes. Additionally, we will send this webhook when changes are made to firm settings.


New webhook for ACH returns

ACH returns will now trigger a transaction.ach_returned webhook. An ACH return occurs when the payer's bank declines to fulfill the payment to the firm and can happen for a variety of reasons.


Sign in to the Partner Portal and opt in to these new webhooks.


Update to Fast Transfers Cut-Off Time

The cut-off time for Fast Transfers was extended to 2 p.m. CT. This was originally set at 12:30 p.m. CT. More bank transfers will now be eligible for same-day deposits! We have updated our deposits reports to reflect this change, effective 2/15/2024.



  • We updated our infrastructure to speed up our Sign in pages.

Breaking Changes

  • The firm.application field was removed following the release of our onboarding.js feature.


Sales Insight - Reframe the ACH conversation and handle pricing objections

The question often arises: How do you sell ACH when it's readily available through banks or third-party processors for free or at low cost? Contrary to common belief, ACH as we have built it is not a commodity. In this video, we discuss how we market and sell ACH or what we term our Fast Transfers platform.


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