Confido Legal Release Notes - April 2024

This release contains updates related to paymentMethod, subscription timezones and sandbox testing. There are no breaking changes.


New paymentMethod Field

We have introduced a new field paymentMethod on the transaction object. This field provides your team with visibility into the payment method used for each transaction. The possible values are:
  • ACH
  • CARD


addSubscription Update

When creating a subscription, the firm's timezone will be accounted for in our newest update. This will ensure the subscription starts on the date as expected by the user.

Please note that when the start date and next bill date are the same value, the payer will be charged for their first bill as soon as the stored payment method is added to the subscription.


Added Sandbox Functions

Onboarding in Sandbox

We added new sandbox functionality for an improved testing experience. You can simulate all the phases of our onboarding process and trigger the firm status webhooks.

  • sandboxOnlyActivateFirm completes all the required configuration for a test firm and sets that firm to ACTIVE status.
  • sandboxOnlyFillOnboardingData fills the application with mock data.
  • sandboxOnlySendFirmToReview fills the application with mock data and sets the firm to APP_IN_REVIEW status.
  • sandboxOnlySubmitOnboardingData fills the application with mock data and sets the firm to APP_SUBMITTED status.
ACH returns in Sandbox

Additionally, when testing ACH payments you can now simulate an ACH return. An ACH return occurs when the payer's bank declines to fulfill the payment to the law firm and "returns" the request for payment.

  • sandboxOnlyTriggerAchReturn simulates an ach_return for a transaction.


Breaking Changes

  • none

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