Christian Lang of Reynen Court on Financially Legal

Episode 33. How can you test and deploy new technology inexpensively and securely at your small law firm? An interview with Christian Lang from Reynen Court

Small law firm owners may not be familiar with the terms "docker," "container," or "Kubernetes." They may even be a bit fuzzy on the definition of “the cloud.” But most firms know that, along with significant opportunities, new technologies often present security risks, interoperability challenges (will this system work with my other systems? And/or will my staff be open to using/willing to use this tech?) and, most relevant for the Financially Legal audience, significant costs in terms of time and money to vet, test, and deploy.

What’s a firm to do? Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet for the solo and small firm universe - at least not yet - but, as today’s guest explains, that is precisely what Christian Lang, Chief Strategy Officer, and his team at Reynen Court are up to.

They’re using the power of the “cloud” (and, as you’ll hear, I use that term in scare quotes), open-source technology, and a number of recent innovations to enable large firms to test, deploy and use the latest legal technology in a secure environment that facilitates interoperability.

As part of our announcement of Confido Legal’s inclusion in the Reynen Court solution store, I talked with Christian about what they’re up to and how it applies to the solo and small firm landscape. Specifically, solos and smalls will learn some of the questions that they should ask themselves when evaluating and deploying new technologies. We also dig in on how the cloud has evolved over the last few years and what’s enabling technologies like Reynen Court to emerge and thrive. We talk about open source software, Zapier, and a bunch more.

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