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Episode 5: Can you sell legal services by subscription? Should you? An interview with Jon Tobin from Counsel for Creators

Subscriptions services for a law-firm? It might be what your clients are looking for.

Jon Tobin is running one of the most innovative law firms you’ve never heard of. Counsel For Creators is an LA-based law firm for creatives and entrepreneurs that sells a subscription to clients. In this episode of Financially Legal we expand upon many of the topics we cover in our 5-part series about subscription legal services (which includes a number of shout-outs to Jon) and talk with Jon about the inspiration behind his subscription legal services plan, how he made it a reality, how (amazingly) it’s morphing into a profitable, self-sustaining community, how he calls his clients "members," and what’s next for his bold firm.  

We discuss:

  • How subscription legal services work for Jon
  • The approach to subscriptions for small firms
  • Benefits of subscription services for a law firm
  • How to try new approaches at growing your practice.

If you're serious about subscription legal you can download our 40+ page Guide to Getting Started with Subscription Legal Services here

Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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