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Episode 7: How do you “show up” for your clients? And what does a premium subscription have to do with that? An interview with Kim Bennett from K. Bennett Law

Kim Bennett got burned by hourly billing. She lost a bunch of money and, having come up as a young lawyer in a corporate, in-house role, the model didn’t make sense to her. One day she pitched a client on a recurring monthly fee and, to her surprise, they accepted. That’s right, we’re talking subscriptions again. But where the guest from our last subscription-based law practice, Jon Tobin, uses subscriptions in more of a "one-to-many" way, helping lots of clients with a specific set of offerings, Kim has fewer what she calls “premium” subscriptions and they include more comprehensive, regular work with the clients.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Kim talks passionately about how one should “show up” for their clients, emphasizing her role as a counselor at her relationship-driven practice. Tune in and get subscribed. (See what we did there?)

Like what you heard from Kim? We discuss her subscription offerings, those from others, and a bunch more in our 40+ page Guide to Getting Started with Subscription Legal Services. You can download the guide here

Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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