Dan Price

Episode 4: Can one small company change the world? Can one small law firm? An interview with Dan Price

Dan Price is a big deal. Full stop. And we got him on the podcast!

Dan is the i
nspirational CEO of Gravity Payments. In 2015 Dan raised the salaries of each of his employees at Gravity Payments to $70,000 annually and, in doing so, he became an overnight business celebrity. He’s been on the Today Show, been interviewed by Trevor Noah, and keynoted hundreds of business conferences around the world. He breaks down how he thinks about company culture, why Gravity Payments is investing in Confido Legal, and how he thinks lawyers can change the world.

We discuss:

  • Why sticking up for the underdog and fighting for the little guy is "the most logical thing" you can do today.
  • Why and how Dan believes Peter Thiel's ideas are not just wrong but detrimental to society.
  • How important lawyers are to our current societal and cultural moment. 
  • The history, background, and trajectory of Gravity Payments.
  • Why Gravity Payments is investing in Confido Legal.
Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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