The Confido Legal disbursements engine is specifically designed for plaintiff and full service law firms managing a high volume of outbound payments. 

Queue, approve and track disbursements to clients and third parties in personal injury, workers' compensation and mass tort cases, ensuring the right funds go to the right person every time.  


Get Money to the Right Recipient Every Time

Dual recipient authentication and bank account verification ensure your intended recipient is the only person able to access the funds you send.



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Integrate with Case Management Software

Integrate disbursements with your existing case management and accounting software to keep client records up to date and work in the systems you're already using.   


Don't Wait for the Client to Cash the Check

Tired of accounting for money sitting in your trust account for months while you wait for clients to cash their disbursement checks?

With Confido Legal, funds are automatically debited from the selected firm bank account and sent to the recipient's bank account. 

Go Paperless

No postage, no envelopes, no mailboxes. Upload plaintiff contact information and manage all disbursements directly in Confido Legal.  

Automate Recurring Disbursements

Create and manage regular recurring disbursements for ongoing workers' compensation cases and structured settlements. 


Implement Financial Controls and Disbursement Attribution

Control who has access to approve disbursements. Allow your team to queue all disbursements, giving you the ability to simply review and approve each disbursement or the entire queue. 

Attribute Confido Legal platform fees to specific clients and cases for easy expense tracking and reimbursement.

Disburse to Unbanked Clients

Digitally issue stored value cards to clients who don't have access to a bank account. 

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Want to learn more?

Get more info on the Confido Legal disbursements private pilot.

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