Lynn Bradley CFO of The Potts Law Firm on Financially Legal

Episode 44. How do creativity and analytics blend to grow a contingency law firm? An interview with Lynn Bradley from The Potts Law Firm

Plaintiffs' lawyers are often bold, brash, larger-than-life characters with billboards, regular TV ads, and ambition to match.

But they're also visionary creatives. They excel at building something from nothing and carving out a new and unique path for legal professionals - often where no path existed before. But that creativity needs to be leavened with stability and more strategic thinking. 

That's where folks like Lynn Bradley, CFO at The Potts Law firm, come in. In this, our third of a series of interviews with law firm CFOs, we talked with Lynn about the role of a CFO in any law firm, but particularly a bold, fast-growing, contingency law firm. We talked about how his role has transformed from forecasting to analytics, the team that he runs, and how, in his estimation, it’s not tech but people that will ultimately help the firm continue to grow and thrive. We also discuss work/life balance and Lynn shares some human insights on the stresses and challenges that plaintiffs attorneys in particular but all attorneys in general face in trying to find success for their clients.

If you're curious about where creativity and entrepreneurship intersect with stability and financial infrastructure, this episode is for you.

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