Erin Giglia - Financially Legal

Episode 8: Can you balance work and life? Should you even try? Is there anyone out there who can help you? An interview with Erin Giglia from Montage Legal Group

Erin Giglia is the Co-Owner of Montage Legal Group. As you’ll hear, Montage was founded more than a decade ago to exploit a “gap in the marketplace between freelancers and law firms.” Since then the model that Erin and her co-founder Laurie established has been emulated, adapted and admired by firms and freelance legal business across the legal sector.

Erin is incredibly insightful about how and why they built Montage the way they have, the opportunities that they saw in the market and how and why the capitalized on them and how we can attract and keep talented women in the legal sector. She also emphasizes that they like to make it easy for their clients to pay. We liked that part too. Enjoy.

Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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