What is a Standing Link?

This article outlines what Standing Links are and some common ways to use them.

A Standing Link is an open-ended payment link that can be used by multiple clients and never gets paid down. Standing Links do not expire and do not require any log in or credentials to access; anyone with access to the link can make a payment.

Common uses for Standing Links

  • Posting a Standing Link on your firm's website so that clients can pay their bills. Standing Links have options where clients can submit their invoice number and select their own amount to pay.
  • Posting a Standing Link on a calendaring system so that anyone who makes an appointment can pay in advance.
  • Posting separate Standing Links on your website for different tiered packages of services. For example, you have one set of services for $300 and a larger set of services for $1000. You can create separate standing links for each and let the client select which set of services to use.