How to create an invoice in Lawcus with a Confido Legal payment link

This article shows how to create an invoice (or trust request) in Lawcus so that clients can pay that invoice online.

Setup the Confido Legal Integration

The first step is to set up the Confido Legal Lawcus integration.

Once your Confido Legal account is connected to Lawcus, you can begin creating invoices and trust requests in Lawcus, and each invoice will have an associated payment link. 

Create Invoices

There are many different ways to create invoices in Lawcus. The easiest way is to click on Invoices > New Invoice or Trust Request.


For additional ways to create invoices and trust requests in Lawcus, see this page

Find the Invoice Online Payment Link

For every invoice, Lawcus creates a powerful invoice payment page that allows the client to view and download each outstanding invoice. 

With the Confido Legal integration activated, clients will be able to pay their entire balance or each invoice individually by credit/debit card or by bank transfer. Payments are then automatically applied to the invoice(s).

Lawcus Invoice Link

Find the Lawcus online invoice link by clicking More Actions on the invoice and selecting Invoice payment page link


For more details on using the Confido Legal Lawcus integration and other ways to send invoices to clients in Lawcus, see this article.