How do I bulk send invoices in Litify?

This article shows how to send out multiple invoices at once in Litify with links for clients to pay those invoices online.

  • Create multiple invoices in Litify
  • Click in the invoice menu Litify Invoices
  • Select the invoices you would like to send. Note you may use the sort and filter functionality to make it easier to choose which invoices to send. You can also choose which fields you want to show up in the main invoice view. 
  • Click Send Multiple Invoices
  • Invoices will be emailed out to clients with links to pay. All payments made on those invoices are automatically applied to the invoice and corresponding bill in Litify. 


Note: Firms may also opt to send invoice payment links via text message. The message send is initiated through Litify, but a third-party service like SMS Magic or RingCentral powers the message send. Firms must purchase a license to one of those providers to use this functionality.