How do I set up evergreen retainers with Lawcus and Confido Legal?

This video outlines how to manage evergreen retainers using Lawcus and Confido Legal. With Confido Legal's split payments, firms can set up evergreen retainers without forcing the client to make multiple payments.

Step 1: Setting Up Evergreen Matters in Lawcus

  • Begin by creating a matter in Lawcus and checking the evergreen setting. 
  • Set a minimum trust balance, for example, $5,000.

Step 2: Monitoring the Matter

  • Keep track of your trust balance and work in progress on the Financial Info tab in Lawcus.
  • If the balance falls below the threshold, you'll receive an alert.

Step 3: Creating Invoices

  • Navigate to the "Invoices" section in Lawcus.
  • Choose the billable client and create an invoice.
  • Based on the evergreen alert, create a corresponding trust request to get the matter balance back above the threshold.

Step 4: Client Payment

  • Send the operating invoice or the trust request to the client. 
  • If you have set up the Confido Legal integration, the invoice payment page link will be available in the invoice email. 
  • The client will see a total outstanding balance that includes the current invoice and the trust request.
  • Using Confido Legal, the client can pay the full balance at once, including the trust request and operating account balance. The money is then split and deposited into the proper firm bank account. 

Step 5: Confirmation

  • Lawcus will confirm the payment, and your outstanding invoices will be cleared.

Step 6: Monitoring the Matter

  • After the payment, check the matter's financial info.
  • Your trust account will have the desired balance, and there will be no evergreen alerts.

For more on the Confido/Lawcus integration, see this page