How do I remind clients of outstanding trust requests?

This article outlines how to resend unpaid trust requests with LeanLaw.


Resending a Trust Request

If you have an outstanding trust request and want to remind the client, you can send reminders two ways:
  1. Locate the existing Payment Link in Confido Legal, copy the URL or Pay Now button and email this to the client.
    1. To locate the existing Payment Link, log in to Confido Legal and navigate to Clients.
    2. Search and click on the client's name.
    3. Go to the Payment Links tab and find the outstanding trust request. Click View/Edit.
    4. Copy the URL or the Pay Now button and paste this in an email to send to the client.
  2. Create a new Trust Request in LeanLaw. Then delete the previous trust request Payment Link from Confido Legal.
    1. Locate the previous Payment Link.
    2. Click View/Edit.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the Payment Link Details and click Delete Payment Link.