How do I integrate Confido Legal with Calendly?

This article outlines how to use Confido Legal to accept payment for appointments scheduled in Calendly.


  • Ensure any resulting appointments associated with your event type is eligible for payment.
  • Log in to Confido Legal and create a Standing Link.
  • Copy the URL for the Standing Link.

Connecting Confido Legal with Calendly

  • Log in to Calendly.
  • Create a One-on-One New Event Type.
  • Enter the Event name. In our example, we'll use Initial Consult as our new event.
    Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 5.46.39 PM
  • Enter a message in the Description/Instructions field.
  • Highlight the phrase you would like to hyperlink (e.g., "please click here"), then click the link icon
  • In the Edit Link box, paste the URL for the Confido Legal Standing Link you wish to use.
    Insert Link
  • Click Insert.
  • Click Next and complete the steps to create the Event Type.
  • When finished, your booking page may look something like this:

Add a Custom Link on the Calendly Confirmation Page

  • Edit the event type.
  • In Additional Options, click Confirmation Page.
  • Click Add Custom Link.
  • Enter Pay Now and paste the URL for the Confido Legal Standing Link.
    Integration Standing Link
  • Click Add.
  • Click Save & Close.
  • When clients go to the confirmation page after booking, it may look something like this:
  • The clients can then click Pay Now and complete their payment.