How do I integrate Confido Legal with Acuity Scheduling?

This article outlines how to use Confido Legal to accept payments for appointments scheduled in Acuity Scheduling.


Using Confido Legal with Acuity Scheduling

  • Create a new appointment type in Acuity with the name of the appointment and the associated fee amount. Then click Show a message after scheduling
  •  In the box for Message shown on confirmation page, enter a message and hyperlink the Standing Link URL you created earlier.
    • In this example, the "please click here" text is hyperlinked to our Standing Link URL.
  • After a client schedules an appointment, they will see this message. The client can then click on the link and complete their payment.

Using C Legal, Zapier and Acuity Scheduling to auto-send payment requests

Another way to integrate Confido Legal with Acuity Scheduling is to use Zapier to auto-send requests. Here's a short video on how that works.