How do I integrate Confido Legal with Soluno?

The article outlines how to set up the Soluno & Confido Legal integration.


Setting Up the Integration

  • Log in to Soluno.
  • Navigate to Settings > Service Configuration > Credit Cards
  • Select Confido Legal and click Configure

Gravity Legal Soluno Integration

  • You will be prompted to log in to your Confido Legal account. Once logged in, the connection will be initialized. 
  • Link each bank account. Select the Soluno account in the dropdown under each Confido Legal bank account nickname. 
  • Verify your account is configured such that payment links will appear on invoices. Navigate to Settings > Billing > Bill Display. It should look something like this:
    Bill Settings - Soluno

Tip: if you do not see something similar to this in your account settings, please contact Soluno support.