How do I create a subscription or payment plan in Confido Legal?

This article outlines how to create a Subscription or automated recurring payment plan.

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Creating a Subscription

  • Navigate to Payments > Subscriptions.
  • Click + New Subscription.

  • Complete the fields
    • Amount Per Payment. The amount to be automatically billed at the specified intervals.

    • Deposit Bank Account. This is the bank account into which funds will be deposited after the payment is made.

    • Client. The client associated with the subscription.

    • Matter (Optional). The matter associated with the subscription.

    • Start Subscription Date. This is the date the Subscription Link will be active.

Please note: if the first billing date is later than the start date, the client will not be billed until the first billing date. Additionally, if a payment method is not added before the first billing date, an accrual will begin, and the client will be billed for that accrued amount when they enter their payment information.

    • Billing Frequency. Select weekly, every other week, twice a month, monthly, quarterly or annual billing.

    • Billing Day. Select the day you would like the automated bills to run.

Please note: if you select a billing day that does not exist in a given month (for example the 31st of November), then the client will be billed on the last day of the month.

    • Repeat Until. This determines when the subscription will end. Select from these options.
      • Total number of payments reached. This will run the automatic payments a specified number of times.
      • Total dollar amount reached. This will run the automatic payments until the client has paid a certain amount.

Please note: the last payment will be automatically adjusted to equal the total dollar amount. As a result, the last payment may be less than the specified amount per payment.

      • Date. This will run the automatic payments until the specified date has passed.
      • Ongoing. This will run the automatic payments until cancelled by the firm.
  • Select the Permitted Payment Methods allowed for the subscription. If surcharging is enabled for your firm, you can select to apply the surcharge fee on the next screen.
  • Add a stored payment method.
    • Use an existing stored payment method. Select this option if there is already a stored payment method for this client. 
    • Collect from client via Subscription Link. This option creates a link with the subscription terms. You can then send the link to the client. The client will use the link to subscribe with their card or bank details.
    • Create a stored payment method using card/account details. Select this option to manually type in the client's card or bank details. The client may share their details with you in the office or over the phone, or you may have their information on file in a different system.
  • Click Create Subscription.