How do I accept payments through Lawcus?

This article outlines how to accept online payments on Lawcus invoices and trust requests.


Accepting Payments on Invoices

  • Log in to Lawcus and create an invoice.
  • Click More Options and select Send by Email or Invoice payment page link.
    Payment Options
    • If you select, Send by Email, an email draft will appear. You can edit the email and send it to the client. The client will receive an email with a link to pay the outstanding balance on the invoice.
    • If you select, Invoice payment page link, you will have the option to copy a link to the invoice that includes a link for the client to pay. You can then manually send that link to the client. 

Lawcus Payment Link

  • All payments made on links associated with an invoice will be automatically applied to that invoice.

Accepting Payments on Trust Requests

  • Log in to Lawcus and create a trust request.
  • The process for accepting payment on a trust request is the same as the process for accepting payment on an invoice (see above). 
  • All payments made on links associated with a trust request will be applied to that trust request and the trust balance associated with that matter. 
  • Note that all payment processing fees are deducted only from the firm's operating account.

Refunds and Voids

Please note: If a client pays via a Standing Link, this payment does not get recorded in Lawcus. Standing Link payments will need to be manually recorded in Lawcus.