How can I manually bill my clients?

If a client has a Stored Payment Method, you can manually bill the client without having to send additional Payment Links. This article outlines how to manually process payments using Stored Payment Methods.


  • The client must have an existing and valid Stored Payment Method.

Processing a Payment using a Stored Payment Method

  • Navigate to Payments > Stored Payment Methods.
  • Click the Process Payment button next to the client you wish to bill.Support -Stored Payment Methods-Sep-28-2020-07-23-17-56-AM
  • Complete the fields
    • Amount. The amount to be billed.
    • Deposit Account. This is the bank account into which funds will be deposited after the payment is made.
    • Matter (Optional). The matter associated with the payment.
    • Email Address for Receipt (Optional). We will automatically send a receipt to this email address. The client's email address will pre-fill if it exists on the client's record. Alternatively, you can type in an email address for the client.
  • Click Confirm Details.
  • Review the payment information and click Process Payment to complete the payment.Support -Stored Payment Methods-2
  • A receipt will be emailed automatically to the email address provided.
  • A payment alert will be emailed to the firm at the email address set in Settings > Firm Settings> Payment Notifications. You can make changes to your payment alert preferences at any time.