How can I generate a Spanish-language receipt in Confido Legal?

Using Confido Legal and Zapier you can automatically generate a payment receipt in Spanish.

If you're looking for an easy and automated way to generate a Spanish-language receipt, Confido Legal's Zapier integration can help. With the Zap described below and available here, you can automatically create a receipt in Spanish in response to a new payment received through Confido Legal.

Here's how to set up the Zap:

Step 1: Create a new Zap Log into your Zapier account and click "Make a Zap!" in the top right corner. Then, select "Confido Legal" as your trigger app.

Step 2: Choose your Confido Legal Trigger Select "New Payment" as the trigger event, and connect your Confido Legal account to Zapier if you haven't already.

Step 3: Use the numbers formatter within Zapier to divide the amount by 100. This is because the monetary amounts in Confido Legal are sent through Zapier integration in cents.

Step 4: Set up the Receipt Template in Google Docs. You'll need a template for your Spanish-language receipt. Create a Google Docs document with the necessary fields, such as "Cliente" for client name, "Fecha" for date, and "Monto" for payment amount. Make sure to leave the placeholders in brackets for the fields you want to populate dynamically. For example, your document may look like this:

Cliente: {{client_name}}
Fecha:   {{%payment_date%}}
Monto: ${{%payment_amount%}}
Gracias por su pago.

Note that you can customize that template with your law firm name and branding if you so desire.

Step 5: Set up the Google Docs Action. Add a Google Docs action to your Zap and select "Create Document from Template." Connect your Google Docs account to Zapier if you haven't already.

In the "Template ID" field, select the template you created in Step 4. Then, map the Confido Legal payment data to the appropriate fields in your template.

For example:

  • Use the "Client Name" field in Confido Legal to populate the "Cliente" field in the Google Doc template.
  • Use the "Payment Date" field in Confido Legal to populate the "Fecha" field in the Google Doc template.
  • Use the "Payment Amount" field in Confido Legal to populate the "Monto" field in the Google Doc template.

Step 6: Convert the Google Doc receipt file into a PDF. This Zap uses ConvertAPI. ConvertAPI is one of a few different tools that you can use to convert Google documents into PDF. 

Step 7: Use Gmail to send the receipt. Select the "Send Email" action and set it up to send the translated receipt as an attachment via Gmail to the customer's email address. You can customize the email message and subject line as desired.

Step 8: Test and Turn on your Zap Test your Zap by making a payment in Confido Legal. Zapier will use the payment information from Confido Legal to send a Spanish-language receipt to any payor.

If the test is successful, turn on your Zap to run automatically whenever a new payment is received through Confido Legal.