How can I add a payment link on my website?

Standing Links are great options for posting on your website. They can be used by multiple clients and do not get paid down, unlike a standard Payment Link. This article outlines how add a Standing Link to your website.


Add the Link to Your Website

  • Copy the URL of the standing link using the link icon.
  • You can use this URL to hyperlink a phrase on your website. In the example below, the phrases Pay Bill and Pay Advance are two separate standing links. Click the picture below to see standing links in action.
    Sample Payment Link Website
  • You can also use the URL to embed an iframe in your website. An iframe allows the client to make a payment without leaving your firm’s website.
  • Here is an example of some HTML code for the iframe. Simply change the URL to match your Standing Link and adjust the height and width to match your website.




title="Confido Legal Payment Page">

  • Click the picture below to see a Standing Link as an embedded iframe on a sample website.

iFrame Sample