How do I integrate Confido Legal with Lawcus

This article outlines how to enable the integration between Confido Legal and Lawcus.


  • Create a Confido Legal account and a Lawcus account.
  • You will also need to add your bank accounts into Lawcus by navigating to Accounts on the left and clicking Add Account.

Setting up the Integration

  • Log in to Lawcus and navigate to Settings > Apps & Integrations > Online Payments.
  • Select Confido Legal and click Connect.

    Connect Gravity Legal to Lawcus
  • If you are not already logged into your Confido Legal account, you will be prompted to login.
  • Once you are logged into your Confido Legal account, your account will be automatically connected to Lawcus. 
  • Select which bank account(s) in Confido Legal, you would like to connect to the bank accounts you have setup in Lawcus.

    Bank Account Mapping in Lawcus
  • You care now ready to begin accepting payments through Lawcus.

Note: If you already have outstanding invoices with electrotonic payment links on them, when clients click those links, they will automatically be redirected to a new Confido Legal link. There is no need to take any action on old outstanding invoices to get the integration to work.