Can I still use Confido Legal with my paper invoices?

Yes, you can incorporate our Standing Links on your paper invoices as QR codes. This article outlines how to generate and use a QR code to make it easier for clients to pay when receiving paper invoices.

We highly recommend emailing your invoices. But we know it's not always possible. We have the ability to use a QR code so clients can scan the code with their mobile device and be taken to your Confido Legal payment page. 


Using a QR code for paper invoices

  • Use a QR code generator to  build a QR code.
  • Copy the Standing Link URL using the link icon.
  • Paste the URL into the QR code generator.
  • Copy the output from the QR code generator and paste the QR code onto your invoice document. Now you can print & mail the invoice.
  • When clients receive the invoice, they can scan the QR code with their mobile device. This will open your payment page where they can submit their payment online.