Join Legendary 'No B.S.' Business Leader Dan Kennedy for an Exclusive Interview

If you don't know who Dan Kennedy is, you should. Here's just a quick recap of the impact he's had on the business world in his 30+ year career:

  • He's written 36 different business books (and has never been absent from bookseller shelves since 1981).
  • He's advised entrepreneurs who've created and grown companies from millions to as much as a billion dollars.
  • In total, through his own publications, speaking, coaching, and mastermind groups, he has influenced over 1 million business owners.

His "No B.S." book series by Entrepreneur Books, the brother of Entrepreneur Magazine, has tackled a portfolio of success issues, often in controversial ways — from ruthless management of people and profits to wealth attraction to time management for entrepreneurs. Now, a new, curated collection of best chapters from many of the individual "No B.S." books has been compiled into The Best of "No B.S."

On August 29th at 4:30 PM ET Dan will join Confido Legal partner and friend, Richard James, for an exclusive interview. 

If you need some background on Richard, he used the lessons Dan taught him to take a consumer law firm in Arizona from $0 to over $3.5 million in annual sales in just two years. Since then, Richard has personally taken over 900 attorneys through this same process and helped them build practices they love that support their lifestyle and give them more time and financial prosperity, so they do the work they love and help more people.

Nothing's being sold on the call and Richard and Dan will give away five advanced copies of Dan's book to a handful of lucky attendees. Find out more and sign up for this amazing event here.


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